IRS audits can send individuals and businesses both into a panic. Audits do not happen as often as people think they do, but they still occur. Understanding what triggers an audit and how they work is important. Mallari Tax can help you through the process if you are audited. You need to know you have rights, and we make sure they are protected.

What You Need to Know About IRS Audits

Many people are unsure of how long they should save their tax information. The rule of thumb was once seven years, and some folks never throw anything out. There are other questions you may wonder about regarding a tax audit. Here are some answers that should help:

  • When the IRS performs an audit, they typically go back three years. If there are substantial problems, it may be six years.
  • Audits occur most in individuals who claim EITC, but their income is less than $25,000 or over $5 million.
  • The majority of audits are through the mail.
  • Audits can be appealed.
  • There are three types of audits – mail, IRS office, field

With Mallari Tax, you don’t need to worry about the stress of IRS audits. We can handle your tax and accounting needs. This ensures everything is done right, and if there is an audit, we can help.


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