There are situations where a taxpayer can end up owing the IRS more than they could ever pay back. When this happens, the offer in compromise program is an option. This allows you to satisfy the bill at a fraction of what is owed. While it is possible to file an OIC on your own, the smart thing to do is to let the experts at Mallari Tax help.

Get the Tax Help You Need

Individuals who file an OIC on their own are often rejected, or they end up paying more than if they had professional tax assistance. Not everyone qualifies to have their tax bill reduced. The IRS has to be shown one of the following situations exists:

Doubt of Collectability – Are they going to be able to collect the owed amount now or in the future?

Economic Hardship – Collecting the bill in full would cause extreme hardship due to exceptional circumstances.

Doubt of Liability – This rarely gets used as it has to be proved the IRS was wrong in what is owed.

Navigating the OIC Process

The process required for this can be complicated. That is why having a tax pro at Mallari Tax on your side can make all the difference. We work with you to get you the best deal possible. If you think you qualify for the offer in compromise program, give us a call.

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