Whenever possible, you should pay your taxes on time. There are all kinds of penalties and fines for late payments or for not filing at all. If you find yourself in the situation of not being able to pay all you owe when it is due, there are options. Mallari Tax can help reach an IRS installment agreement that can ease the stress.


IRS Installment Agreement Plan

A payment plan can be requested that states a timeframe in which the taxes will be paid. There are short-term payment plans and long-term payment plans. The long term is the installment agreement. Both individuals and businesses can apply for an installment plan.


Get the Tax Help You Need

Mallari Tax provides expert tax resolution and tax planning services. We are a tax negation and mediation firm. Our goal is to offer affordable solutions to individuals and businesses. If you are at odds with the IRS, we can help. We represent you, and you never have to speak with an IRS agent personally. We also work with you to develop a tax plan, so your current situation doesn’t occur again. We also provide bookkeeping services for any size business. If you need help with an IRS Installment Agreement or anything else tax-related, give us a call at (833) TAX-PEACE.