At Mallari Tax, we provide several services to both individuals and businesses. These services include business advisory services in CA. It is important to make sure your business starts out right and that it is financially sound while doing business. Here are some of the ways we can help:

Entity Formation

When you form a partnership and organization, the state requires certain initial and essential documents. You must have these to open a business bank account. We can assist with those documents.

Helping You Get the Funding You Need

Another part of our business advisory service is connecting businesses with brokers who offer various lending options. This allows you to get the financing you need to grow your company.

Building Your Company’s Credit

Startup businesses do not often have access to instant cash, and they may not have the credit needed to borrow. We provide solutions that can help your business build its credit via specific financing options.

Notary Republic

We can draw up and certify contracts, deeds, and other important documents. If you need your documents notarized, we can do that too.

Check out all the services Mallari Tax has to offer, including bankruptcy tax returns.