Tax time is stressful for any person or business. Making sure everything is done correctly and that the IRS is satisfied is difficult. Finding affordable tax preparation from a company that really knows what they are doing can be challenging. At Mallari Tax, LLC, we provide affordable tax prep and specialize in providing help to those who have problems with the IRS.

Tax Negotiation & Mediation Firm

If you have tax problems, whether you are an individual or business, Mallari Tax can help. When you hire us we:

  • Represent you in front of the IRS
  • Do all the talking; you do not have to speak with an IRS agent
  • Set up a comprehensive tax plan for you
  • Help optimize your tax savings
  • We do the work needed to resolve the problem professionally and efficiently while you get on with life.
  • Offer in Compromise Program

One of the things we help with is the Offer in Compromise Program. This program is for taxpayers who owe back taxes and will never be able to pay them in full. You can attempt to file for an OIC on your own, but you run the risk of not qualifying or paying more than you need. Mallari Tax can get you the best terms possible. Contact us today, and let us take care of the IRS for you.