Appointments Important 2019 Tax Information

ALL SERVICES  are by appointment only. NO same day/walk ins will be allowed. 

Non – 2019 Tax Inquiries/Services  that need to be serviced or follow up needs to be scheduled for next week.            

New Client – Tax Year 2019 Extension. At minimum we need on IntuitLink we need full names, ss#s, ids, email, address, phone number. 

Existing Clients Tax Year 2019 – If we have filed your return in 2018, we had filed an extension for everyone back in March 2020. Which means you have until Oct 1st to prepare your return with us for Tax Year 2019. 

I nvoice – We will send an invoice by the end of the week. You will be given an opportunity to pay online, by clicking the Pay Now button. 

DocUsign –  as soon as you docusign, this means you’ve esigned the Authorization for us to Efile IRS and FTB … it will be e-filed to IRS and FTB that same day (as postmarked).  After completing the e-signature in DocUsign, you are given the opportunity to download a copy of your tax return from DocUsign. 

Tax Return Copies  – By the end of next week we will upload a copy of your return through your  IntuitLink account.

E-File Accepted Confirmation – we will send an email once the IRS and FTB notify us of the status. As long as we submit by the 07/15 it’s considered postmarked. 

Prior Year Tax Returns (Before 2019 ) – please use IntuitLink. Per tax year. We will service on the off season. 

Text Messages – we will no longer be able to accommodate text messages as a form of communication, as it is hard to track the communication and hard to identify who the client is. All images and correspondence should be by IntuitLink.