CFO Services Mallari's Tax & Accounting

  1. CFO Solutions: Manages the company or organization’s finances and are responsible for financial reporting through various responsibilities such as:
    1. Bookkeeping
  • Record financial transactions, maintain financial records, fact check financial data and update financial statements using specialized software, spreadsheets and other tools to track and manage data to ensure accounts are current and accurate.
    1. CFO Quarterly/Annual (Rental)
      1. Provide CFO services by analyzing your financials and organization by helping owners/partners make concrete decisions about business ordeals in regard to the health of the operations and the strength of longevity of the entity.  
    2. Payroll Services
  • Collects timekeeping information of employees, manages benefit packages with payroll software and accurately calculates pay according to the hours worked. Also manages complaints and questions regarding payroll and investigates and resolves any errors in payroll.
    1. Quickbooks Training
  • Able to train individuals in a classroom/group setting or by online webinar the fundamentals and the advanced functions of the software to provide an adequate way to navigate through and complete the desired task. 
    1. Quickbooks Set Up 
  • Set up a new or an existing business using the company name, address, phone number, email address, business structure (DBA, C Corp, S Corp) and Tax ID, along with bank and credit account numbers and statements to begin tracking the businesses books.
    1. CFO Services
      1. SBA Agent- overseeing documents in preparation for the SBA and/or its lender.